Reading and Writing – How important are they in lessons?

Much of language teaching is focused on getting students speaking more. It’s the most important form of communication. However, one of the forms of communication that is being lost is writing. We see our students struggling with writing daily. It becomes even more worrying when they have to do an important exam for school or a language exam such as one of Cambridge exams or the IELTS. Some of our students have difficulty writing letters for work or just lack imagination to do any writing in any circumstance. So we are dedicating the February and March segment of our blog to our students’ writing.

We’ll be publishing examples of our students’ work to hopefully encourage teachers to bring writing into your lessons and students to try some writing at home.

The following piece was written by a TES student. Thanks Serena!


One time, I don’t remember who or when, someone told me that when we write, we have to write about something that we know, otherwise we write about nothing. So, I would like to write about the importance of reading.

In Italy there is a very famous writer that wrotew a short text in which he explains the importance of reading.

I’ll try to translate:

“He who does not read at 70, will have lived a single life: his own. Readers will have lived 5000 years: there was when Cain slew Abel, when Renzo married Lucia, when Leopardi admired the infinite … because reading is ‘immortality backward. ” [Cit. Umberto Eco]

In my opinion, what he says the true, because when I read a book, I can imagine the entire story as I prefer. I can imagine the place where the story happens, and the characters. I can have sympathy or apathy for them. I can hope the story ends in a certain way rather than another, or I can only read the story and just be curious.

In recent years, people have been watching a lot of television, and this behavior, in my opinion, is very wrong because this way, people in the future will not be more imaginative, children will not read, adults will not write, and we will become a very stupid and uninformed population.

Personally, I need to read a lot because I love reading, and I love to write. It is my way of relaxing. It is a way to escape from reality for a few minutes, and I think that all people should be able to, because all of us have problems with something, but when we read, those problems disappear for a while and when we stop reading, we can find a better solution for those problems.

Serena G



What are your thoughts? Let us know!



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