Fast Phrasal Verbs – GO

In the second part of this series, we shall concentrate on phrasal verbs with ‘go’.

This is not a definitive list of all of the phrasal verbs with ‘go’ but it is a list of frequently used phrasal verbs.

phr ver go

Here are some example sentences with these phrasal verbs:

  • Go Back – ritornare / tornare

e.g. I need to go back home and get my phone.

e.g. We arrived in Spain yesterday and we’re going back to England next Friday.

  • Go Out – uscire

e.g. I don’t think I’ll go out tonight. I prefer staying at home and watching a film.

e.g. The children started talking went the teacher went out of the classroom.

  • Go In – entrare

e.g. Please go in. I shall be with you in a moment.

e.g. You’ll find the test on the desk when you go in the classroom.

  • Go By – passare

e.g Time is going by so fast today.

e.g. Before I knew it, two hours had gone by.

  • Go Over – ripassare

e.g. I need to go over my notes before tomorrow’s test.

e.g. I went over the article before publishing it.

  • Go Up – salire

e.g. If you go up the stairs, you’ll find the bathrrom on your right.

e.g. The cost of my ticket went up by 10% last year.

  • Go Down – scendere

e.g. Go down the stairs and open the door, please!

e.g. The prices of concert tickets have gone down this year.

  • Go On With – continuare

e.g. Can I go on with my presentation or shall I wait for you to finish?

e.g Go on with your work while I speak to the headmaster.


But wait, there are many more phrasal verbs with ‘go’. We have selected a few more below:

phr veb go pt 2

  • Go Into – parlare di; iniziare una carriera

e.g. Can you go into detail about what happened that night?

e.g. Look I can’t go into it at the moment. I’ll call you later.

e.g. When did you decide to go into medicine?

e.g. When I went into the military, we had to do six months basic training.

  • Go Off – esplodere; suonare; arrabbiarsi; smettere di funzionare; scadere (per il cibo)

e.g. The bomb went off just three miles from the station.

e.g. If there is a fire, the fire alarm will go off.

e.g. I got home an hour late and my dad went off at me.

e.g. My computer keeps going off everytime I open this document.

e.g. The milk has gone off. I have to buy some when I go out later.

  • In For – participare; fare un’audizione

e.g. I’m going in for the 100m sprint tomorrow. Let’s hope I win!

e.g. What role are you going in for?

  • Through With – portare a termine

e.g. I don’t think I can go through with the bungee jump. I’m too scared.

e.g. I can’t believe he went through with the wedding. Everyone knows that he doesn’t love her.

  • Go Without – asternersi; fare a meno

e.g.  I can’t go without a cigarette for more than two hours.

e.g.  They went without speaking the whole day.

e.g. I’m sure we can go without the car for a few days.

  •  Go With – abbinarsi

e.g. Do you think these shoes go with this jacket?

e.g. Red wine just doesn’t go with fish!

  • *Go Around / Go Round – andare a trovare qualcuno; andarsene in giro; evitare; girare intorno

e.g. I might go round to John’s later. He said he wasn’t feeling well this morning.

e.g. Yesterday, she went  around the town wearing her slippers. And now people are going around saying that she’s crazy.

e.g Go around the table if you want to help.

e.g. Look! don’t go around the subject. Just tell me what happened.

*The use of ‘round’ or ‘around’ makes no difference to the meaning of the phrasal verbs. Usually it is a question of American English VS British English. As students, you can use whatever you prefer.


Next week’s lesson with look at phrasal verbs with ‘GET’!


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